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Chapter One Page 12

August 16th, 2014, 7:19 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply MissKate, August 16th, 2014, 7:50 pm

*shock and awe*

This concludes Chapter One: Mission One!
I've noticed it's a popular thing to discuss what happened in the chapter once it's ended so..

Well we got to see Blade's backstory, somewhat.
Ever since he was little, the red-orange puffball dreamed of becoming a great warrior the likes of Meta Knight and Kirby. In order to sharpen his skills, he took as many 'missions' as he could, helping others and such. But after escorting a group of Waddle Dees through the forest, he runs into a scarfy. (And due to Blade's kinda brash nature, he promptly ticks the thing off making it attack him.)
But in the end, Lilac steps in and ends the fight. The two become friends, and group 247 starts to form.

Also during this chapter, Lilac's protective and motherly nature is shown off. (I'll admit I feel a bit bad for making Azure a bit of a 'useless baby', but he won't get a better role in the story until later.)

Leaf is sort of the optimistic happy-go-lucky type. (Jumping on heads is also sort of her thing.)
Hopefully Daisy Doo's personality will be a bit more prominent in later chapters, as I really like her character.

Storm is uh, well he's there. He'll be more fleshed out in this next chapter I promise. (Someone noted his unsurprised expression when an ill Whispy Woods was revealed. +1 cookie for you.)

Cotton is also not very well worked out yet. There are shades of a 'nervous-shy' personality there, but I think I dropped it by Chapter Three. She's mostly bland by my standards, and I won't say I'm proud of how she's blossomed in later chapters because it really made a mess plot-wise. I can handle this though, count on it! :)

Finally, I can talk about the chapter itself. Well, Dark Matter did something-how unexpected! *knee slap*
I honestly had no idea how *overused* the little devils were when I started, as I wasn't familiar with Kirby villans. But after playing through Triple Deluxe, I can safely say ya'll should expect the unexpected! ;)
Oh, and Zero's on the cover page. So maybe it's not too much of a surprise that he's involved.

Mm. Well what have you thought about this chapter? Am I going at a good pace? I hope so. Chapters Two and Three are a doozy, and some familiar faces are going to turn up! I also have some humor spread around as the plot thickens-
Eh? When does the 'quest' actually begin?

*nervously shuffles papers*

Uh...Soon. Yeah, totally not three chapters from now, heh.
Goodnight everybody! ^^;


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User's Comments:

Reply RedsterTheGamer, October 8th, 2018, 11:29 am

Dark Matter died like, 3 times already.

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