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Crystal Quest Story Synopsis

Cotton, a young and curious puffball, follows a mysterious star-shaped star to a meadow full of dozens and dozens of other puffballs. Afraid and confused, she's startled by a nearby Blade, who introduces himself and his team. After a brief introduction and history, their 'adventure team' invites Cotton to join them. She accepts and there are warm welcomes all around.

Chapter One: Mission One
Team 247 is sent their first task by Peanut the Waddle Dee. It's an escort mission to Whispy Woods. Their tag-a-long is a quirky Waddle Doo named Daisy. As the seven make their way to the center of the forest, Cotton learns a little bit about how Blade and Lilac met. When they arrive, however, things begin to get complicated. I wonder what Dark Matter is doing back in Dreamland...

Chapter Two: Finding Your Place
Saying the presence of Dark Matter in Dreamland is troubling is an understatement. I mean, it must be bad if Meta Knight shows up. Looks like he wants the team to see him at the castle in a couple of days. Meanwhile, everyone decides to show Cotton their abilities. How strange, it appears she doesn't have one. The next day, Cotton is sent to the castle while her teammates go on an emergency mission. After meeting THE Kirby, she suddenly realizes...It's a trap!

Chapter Three: Splitting Hairs
The original five of Team 247 are off on a mission when things get heated between Blade and Storm. What does it really take to be a leader? When Blade gets frustrated, he leaves the group alone, turning their attention to Cotton, who must now go console him. Sharing a sweet moment together, Cotton begins to wonder what she wants in life. Friendship? It's all new to her. Suddenly, the trap is sprung! Can the team defeat a possessed grizzo and settle their differences?

Chapter Four: Missing Pieces
Cotton lies awake at night, troubled by the small conversation she had with Meta Knight. And what of this magical crystal? Trying to ease her mind, she runs into little Azure, who asks for a bedtime story from a very old book. Waking up, she brushes aside the strange tale and helps Blade practice his sword skills. And after running a small errand, they receive another mysterious crystal. But wait, what could be so strange about a piece of jewelry?

Chapter Five: Small Blessings
It's flashback time! Storm and Lilac are off on a mission together, when the run into a wild little puffball. Or rather, she runs into them. When she makes off with the flower they were sent to retrieve, they chase her down in hope of getting it back. However, she really does need it, and for a good reason too. As Lilac tends to Leaf's sick blue friend, Storm begins to respect the wild one's knowledge of the forest. But then as disaster strikes the two little ones' home, the old grump learns that one must be quick on their feet to survive...

Chapter Six: For the Love of our Stars
Mail time at Castle Dedede! Or actually, it's more like a call for help. Team Love is in danger! And just when Blade and the others were arriving at the Castle! Never fear, he and Cotton can just tag along...to this creepy old castle, filled with traps, and someone very dangerous waiting for them to arrive.

Chapter Seven: Heartbreak
After learning about her true form, Cotton feels like she had been deceiving her teammates, especially Blade. Meanwhile Storm decides to use Castle Dedede's library to research the magic crystals. When Daisy interrupts his studies, he shares the story of his and Lilac's first encounter.

Chapter Eight: Elementary
Still feeling guilty, Cotton neglects her friends while they wait for new leads. Storm returns with new information on the crystals, taking Lilac with him to Mr. Frosty's lair. This leaves Blade and the others to figure out the location of the remaining crystals. As they split up into two pairs and go adventuring, we learn a bit more about Cotton and Leaf's past.

Chapter Nine: Tragedy
A young Leaf in her rainforest home wishes for a sibling to spend time with. In enters Azure, a baby puffball from the stars. The two get along immediately, when disaster strikes. Remembering the pain of losing her parents pulls Leaf into a deep depression. Thankfully Azure knows just what to say.

Chapter Ten: Ancient Hearts
Storm and Lilac reach the peak of Mr. Frosty's mountain home. However, something is not quite right and the duo face a very familiar foe with the help of a strange new friend...

Chapter Eleven: Flowering Friendship
Hiro the Cappy is a worker in the town's fields where Cotton got her name. After learning a bit about Cotton's first encounter with Popstar's wildlife, things take a weird turn. Splashing!

Chapter Twelve: Table of Elements
The Fire and Water Elementals join together at last as Team 247 meet up with all the crystals in hand. When it's implied that Cotton is at fault for all the terror happening on Popstar, the rightfully angry puffball demands answers. Various sources provide the answers, and connect the four new faces to the powerful crystals.

Chapter Thirteen: Training Daze
Fire Elemental Nika explains the situation at hand, and Cotton uses her deciphering skills to clarify the Elementals' purpose. With new information about a world saving super weapon, the team splits up again to train and hone their skills.

Chapter Fourteen: Missing in Action
Blade, Cotton, Peanut and Daisy go together to warn Kirby and his friends about the incoming danger. With Adeleine's help, they all set out to plan their next move. But Blade begins to doubt himself. It's up to Cotton to restore his faith... And Dedede to provide helpful information?! It's more likely than you'd think.

Chapter Fifteen: The Road to Success
Kirby, Keeby, and the Knights return to the castle after meeting with the fairy Ribbon. Meta Knight then drops some serious truth on Cotton. Turns out he knew a lot more then he was willing to admit. After a mouthful of exposition, the team looks forward to getting back together again. Unfortunately, trouble doesn't rest...

Chapter Sixteen: Electric Boogaloo
The four members of Team 247 are in trouble! With no one else to turn to, they team up with their respective Elemental and fight an electrifying foe!

Chapter Seventeen: The Calm
Taking Kirby's wise advice, Blade and Cotton head back home. Working together, the two decide to do a small bit of good while the others are away. Blade still has his doubts, and so does Meta Knight. Just how impulsive is it to love someone like Cotton? The truth can surprise even the hardest of hearts.

Chapter Eighteen: Arrival
It’s the dawn of the final day, and Popstar’s Big Bad has arrived. Our heroes scramble to try and save their precious home, but things are looking bleak... Fight on, little puffballs!

Chapter Nineteen: Unity