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March 1st, 2018, 7:18 pm

Comic Poll Winner! (Plus PMD Scheduling)

Hello everyone! It's now March 1st, the day my Future Comic Poll ends. I'm happy to share the results now, and also thank everyone for their feedback. It means a lot to me! ^.^

First, the choice that won the poll:
With 48% of the votes, Digimon has won the poll!

Congratulations on those that voted for that choice.

Coming in second place with 46% is Robots.
And in third, we have: Deer with 23%!
(Plushies had 20% of the votes, and Aliens/Monsters/Puppies share last place with 11%)

(Link to results page: http://www.polljunkie.com/poll/iokdto/new-comic-choices/view )

I'm.. not surprised by the winner lol. I like mons too.
Anyway, in addition to that, I will be posting the other comics' covers in Drawing Folder. They did start out as my own personal projects as it is, might as well, right?
This may take some time, as I'm currently working on a lot irl and would rather make sure my main comics stay a priority.

And finally, my Pokémon comic, PMD: The Treasure of Friendship, will begin updating this Saturday, March 3rd!
I will also be posting two pages a week, (Saturday and Sunday) for the first "chapter". All pages after that will return to the once-a-week schedule. (Chapter covers count as an update, j2lyk!)

I hope you all enjoy it! :)
Thank you for reading, everyone! And thank you so much for sticking by me and showing support by reading and/or commenting! It really means a lot and I love hearing your thoughts/jokes. I'm really happy I could make something people like.
And thank you to those of you that pointed out spelling errors too! I'm not a perfect person and it really helps me learn.

Let's all keep doing our best! (^u^)b


Arolachette217, March 2nd, 2018, 8:00 am

Oh I can't wait! This is so exciting! ^w^ I'm sure the new comics will be awesome. :P

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